3 Outdoor Advertising Signs for Small Businesses

Fun fact: 78% of Australians notice outdoor advertising each month… That’s 15.6 million Aussies with their eyes on brilliant billboards, exciting window ads and striking signage. If you’re a small business owner with a bare storefront, you’re missing out on some powerful opportunities to capture the attention of potential customers passing by. To grow your local presence and build your business – whether it’s retail, hospitality or commercial – consider investing in quality signage to display out the front of your store. Below, we outline three of the most effective and affordable outdoor advertising signs for your small business.

Window Wraps

If you want to grab the attention of passersby like drawing fish to a baited hook, then you’ll want to invest in bespoke window wraps. The go-to choice for store owners, affordable wraps are rich visuals that are displayed in your store windows. They immediately showcase your brand and your advertisement with clarity and on a large scale, seen by people that pass your storefront each day. At Signs Brisbane, our window and wall wraps are printed on high-grade vinyl or non-PVC material with an overlaminate finish.


Have you ever hovered on the sidewalk outside a cafe, stopped in your tracks by the daily specials written on an A-frame sign? These portable advertising signs are perfect for promoting your brand at the front of your store, and can quickly convey a range of messages, from a promotion to an event. At the end of the day, they’re able to be easily folded and tucked away indoors, where they can still be presented beautifully.

Illuminated Signs

Do you want to see your small business up in lights? That was a rhetorical question – of course, you do! Illuminated signage is the most efficient and economical way to create bright advertisements that attract the attention of customers. We can craft striking LED signage for your business, including 3D fabricated letters, backlit logos or under-awning lightboxes. Durable, environmentally-friendly LED lights are a sophisticated advertising method that brightens up your business (literally).

Do you want your small business to make an impact with effective signage? Whether you’re interested in window wraps, A-frames, illuminated signage or want to discuss the best option for your brand, we’re always here to help. When you engage us, our process involves everything from design to manufacturing and installation. Get in touch with the team at Signs Brisbane today for a complimentary quote.

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