Car Wrapping vs Painting

Do you want to promote your business wherever you go, but don’t know how? Having your vehicle done with business signage is a great way to draw attention to your business, no matter where you go.

But once you decide to promote your business using your vehicle, the question becomes, what is the best way to do this? Below we have broken down painting your vehicle vs car wrapping.


Both paint and wraps can vary in quality depending on the type you choose. However, wraps tend to have a higher level of quality and durability.

A paint job may look professional at first but they tend to be damaged more easily than a wrap and can fade quickly due to weather and sun exposure and also fall prey to road hazards. A wrap, on the other hand, will not fade quickly and is resilient to chips.

A quality vehicle wrap will keep your vehicle looking stylish for much longer than a paint job would and without the expensive maintenance!


Wraps tend to have a slight advantage over paint when it comes to cost as the preparation and application of a wrap is much less intensive. Full repaints tend to be quite expensive and the paint tends to be needed more regularly than updating your vehicle wrapping.

A paint job can run anywhere from a few thousand for a very cheap job to $10,000 plus. This does not include regular touch-ups and maintenance. A professional wrap on the other hand will run from $2000 for a partial wrap and not require a large amount of maintenance.


A custom paint job for a vehicle can quickly become extremely expensive as they tend to require a skilled artist who knows what they are doing. Wraps, on the other hand, give you all of the customisation options of a paint job without the associated price tag.

Paint typically involves one to two colours and is a permanent choice. A vehicle wrap can use multiple colours and effects for a look to match your business. On top of that, the wrap can be removed if you are looking for an update or simply to sell the vehicle. The wrap does not have to be a permanent commitment like painting is.

Resell Value

It is not common for those who paint or wrap their vehicle to revert the vehicle unless they are looking to sell or update their signage. With paint, you will need to get your vehicle completely repainted and must be sanded off.

With wraps, you get the best of both worlds. You have your business signage, but if you are then looking to sell your vehicle, you can simply get your wrap removed! With vehicle wraps, you can promote your business and then have a car that is ready for re-sale.

Installation Time

When it comes to installation time, vehicle wraps are the clear winner. It is important to note that the more of your vehicle that is getting wrapped, the longer it will take. A car wrap takes anywhere between one to three days, sometimes less if the car is already in good, clean condition upon arrival.

Unlike wraps that do not need to dry, paint, no matter the type, requires several days to dry after the application process. Acrylics dry slower than urethane but both tend to take several days minimum to dry after application.

Are you looking to get your vehicle wrapped to promote your business? Look no further than the experts at Signs Brisbane. Give us a call today to design and book your vehicle wrap.

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