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Window signs and wall graphics will change the way people experience your business & premises.

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Window Signs and Wall Graphics for Brisbane Businesses

Let our window signs and wall graphics maximise your branding and build awareness of your business. Window and wall graphics are perfect for promoting new products and sales, informing customers, as well as improving workplace productivity and morale.

Whether you have a brand-new space or simply need a business signage reboot, our high-quality graphics will have your windows and walls popping. No job is too big or too small, from photographic images that span entire walls to your name or logo on your door. We make the entire process easy from start to finish.

Window signs and wall graphics are an innovative signage solution, creating a dynamic and visually striking space. Perfect for enhancing your office or retail premises, our high-quality wall graphics can also be used to create privacy and screen sunlight.

Our team of signage consultants, designers and technicians work closely with you to fully understand your wishes and needs. Your vision and brand integrity are our utmost priority. Our fine-tuned processes and skilled staff ensure your brand is promoted with the quality it deserves.

As a local Brisbane business, customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. 

Our Window Signs and Wall Graphics Solutions

It’s easy to update your space with our range of window and wall graphics or promotional signs, all without the cost and time associated with remodelling! These cutting-edge windows and wall graphics are printed on high-quality vinyl or non-PVC materials with overlaminate finishes.

Stickers, Lettering & Decals

Decals and stickers are a cost-effective signage option. They allow you to apply lettering, images, logos and more individually onto wall and window surfaces.

Wallpapers & Murals

Wallpapers and murals turn a wall into a feature that inspires and impresses your visitors and staff. We work with you for your wallpaper or mural including printing the colour, text, pattern or photograph of your choosing to instantly transform any space!

Hoardings & Large Format Printing

Hoarding signage makes a massive impact with minimal investment! It keeps your construction site and upcoming business secure while offering an opportunity to build up hype and promote your brand.

Window Frosting

Window frosting is the modern alternative to sandblasted glass panels. It’s cost-effective, offers privacy, protects against harmful UV rays and even helps manage thermoregulation. It’s an ever-popular signage solution for its elegance and versatility.

One-Way Vision Windows

One-way vision windows allow visibility from inside your premises, while people on the outside can only see your graphics. Designs are digitally printed in full colour. They can also be given an extra layer of optically clear laminate to protect the graphics from water, marks, scratches, dust and UV rays.

Locked Security
Locked Security
May 4, 2024
I recently had my van wrapped by the team. They are easy to work with and provide a great end result. Their service is top-notch, and I highly recommend them.
Andy Roost
Andy Roost
March 28, 2024
Was helped out by Adam initially and once designs were locked in the rest of the Signarama Team got all my items together nice and quickly. Car looks great and the marketing goodies came out a treat. Thanks Nundah Signarama
Tonya Pearson
Tonya Pearson
March 12, 2024
We choose to use Signarama Nundah for all our business signage. Craig made the process to re-sign one of our vans easy and hassle free. We always receive great service from Signarama Nundah.
Barry Wilkinson
Barry Wilkinson
March 6, 2024
Very good communication and good to deal with. I'd recommend any small business look at them, very good pricing also
Adele Weldon
Adele Weldon
February 27, 2024
Thank you Signarama Nundah. Great service and a great team to work with. We ordered special signage with QR codes for our office garage and private parking signs. We are grateful and extremely happy with the job.
Stephen Brady
Stephen Brady
December 19, 2023
Tyler was great to work with on my first printing project with the company. Pricing really competitive with the service to back up the quality of their work. No hesitations in recommending Signarama Nundah for your printing, signage requirements. Steve Brady - Dive in Australia
Suzana Chou
Suzana Chou
November 28, 2023
Amazing service!!! From start to end this project worked out so well, with constant communication to ensure the designs were to my expectations and to the delivery of quality designs and beautiful products at the end. Would highly recommend using this branch, fantastic work, well done!!
Ashley Taylor
Ashley Taylor
November 7, 2023
Absolute legends! Was on a time restraint to get some roof skylights covered and they came through!
Rick Lodge
Rick Lodge
November 3, 2023
Tyler and the team at Signarama in my .experience are pleasant, knowledgeable and work quickly to get the job done. The proofs haven't needed correction and delivery has been so quick, their door to mine, that I've never had better. I would give ten stars if it was out of ten
Karen Guildford
Karen Guildford
November 3, 2023
Very helpful and the job was exactly what I wanted. They did a fabulous job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many types of wall graphics and window signs, such as:

  • Lettering
  • Stickers and decals
  • Vinyl graphics
  • Wallpapers
  • Murals
  • Large format printing
  • Window frosting
  • One-way perforated graphics

Windows and walls are the perfect opportunity to add signage to your business. The large surface area gives you the flexibility to design signage that stands out.

Many businesses choose standard options like window and wall lettering, vinyl graphics or wall murals. These are striking and can incorporate lettering, logos, pictures and other branded elements.

Another popular option for shop front windows is frosted and perforated decals. These obscure vision through the window, providing signage as well as privacy from activity on the street.

Most types of window signs are installed using the wet application method:

  1. Thoroughly clean the window. Remove any soap residue before applying the graphic.
  2. Measure and cut the graphic to fit the size of the window.
  3. Remove the backing paper from the centre section of the graphic.
  4. Spray a light mist of decal application fluid on the glass where the first section of the graphic will be adhered.
  5. Line up the window sign and use a vinyl applicator squeegee to squeeze out any air and application fluid that’s trapped beneath the sign.
  6. Allow the adhesive to set for a few minutes.
  7. Working in sections, lightly mist the window with applicator fluid, remove the backing paper from the window sign, and begin to stick the rest of the sign to the window.
  8. Repeat until the entire graphic has been applied.
  9. Remove the pre-mask layer.

That’s it, you’re done! Window signs need to look perfect from both sides of the glass. The wet application method allows the sign to easily be floated into place and adjusted until it looks correct.

Not all types of window signs are suitable for the wet application method. Perforated signs and air egress vinyls may trap the application fluid, leading to an imperfect finish. These types of window signs are applied dry, just like smaller decals and stickers.

Window vinyls can be applied to either the inside or outside of a window. Vinyl signs and decals have one adhesive side. This allows us to apply vinyl signs to the outside of a window just like a normal sticker. Alternatively, we can cut mirrored signs that are applied to the inside of a window.

Window signs that are applied to the inside of a window may last slightly longer. There’s less exposure to sun, storms and dirt, which can damage signs over time.

If your shop has window films (such as tinting or privacy films) these are usually applied to the inside of the window. In that case, we recommend applying window signs to the outside of the glass. This makes the signs easier to see and prevents them from damaging the existing window film.

Wall graphics and window signs can usually be removed with a razor blade and a little bit of water or adhesive remover. Newer stickers are easier to remove, while stickers with old adhesive are often tougher to shift.

Window and wall graphics can simply be peeled off the surface. Our installers use razor blades to scrape adhesive residue off windows, and we use a combination of water and adhesive remover to get rid of any residue on walls.

Removing wall graphics carries a small risk of damaging the wall or paint underneath. If this happens, the wall can simply be touched up with paint to look good as new. Most types of wall graphics are designed so that they can be removed without damaging the wall, so this is rarely an issue.

Window graphics simply need to be kept clean with a soft cloth and a mild glass cleaning product, like Windex. Avoid washing window graphics with high pressure water. A garden hose is safe to use, but a pressure washer may damage the graphic.

Cleaning is an important part of maintaining vinyl graphics and window signs. Dust, dirt and pollution all settle onto the film. This can damage the surface and become lodged in the adhesive, giving your signs a discoloured or dirty look.

Regularly cleaning your windows and window signs with a mild soap is all it takes to ensure they look fantastic for years to come!

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