Outdoor Signage Design Ideas

Customers walk past your business every single day. It’s usually the same people too – they live or work in the area, and they may never set foot inside your store.

If you want to avoid that fate then you’ll need some eye-catching outdoor signage! Outdoor signage is the best way to make an impression on potential customers. Your outdoor signs allow you to connect with passersby, build brand awareness and convey important information at a glance.

Outdoor signage comes in lots of different shapes and sizes. In this article we’ll check out some of our most popular outdoor signage design ideas to see how they can benefit your business.


1. 3D Lettering

First up is an all-time favourite: 3D lettering!

3D lettering is one of the most common types of outdoor signage for a reason. It’s eye-catching, it pairs perfectly with lighting elements, and it offers plenty of creative freedom to bring your ideas to life.

We make 3D lettering in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and fonts. If your business uses particular lettering or colours, your outdoor signage can incorporate those things to reinforce your brand. If you want to go the extra mile, 3D lettering also looks perfect when it’s paired with other 3D elements such as logos and lights.


2. Laser Cut Signs

Laser cut signage is exactly what it sounds like – we use a high powered laser to cut shapes out of a base material. This type of signage adds a modern edge that can make your business stand out.

Laser cut signs are a highly flexible option. They can be produced from a variety of metal, plastic and timber materials, so it’s easy to choose a style that suits your branding. The other great thing about laser cut signage is that it’s all handled by computers. 

Computer-controlled laser cutters are highly accurate and suitable for cutting intricate letters, shapes and logos, so this type of signage is great for every brand.


3. Illuminated Signage

One of the major benefits of outdoor signage is that it provides 24/7 advertising. If you want your signs to work harder, illuminated signs stand out even after the sun has gone down!

Illuminated signage isn’t a single type of signage. These days, we can add lighting, LEDs or neon elements to just about every type of sign. Lighted elements create depth and help to make a sign more striking, especially at night.

We use lighting to create signs like:

  • Light box signage

  • Illuminated lettering

  • Backlit lettering

  • Neon signs

  • Marquee lettering


4. Window Decals

Shop windows are one of the biggest canvases most businesses have! Window signs allow you to make the most of shop windows and catch the attention of passersby.

Window decals are often used to show off your name and logo, but the only limit is your imagination. Window decals are also a great chance to display your contact information, website address, menu, products or the people behind the business. Done right, window signage can communicate critical information about the brand, even if the customer doesn’t step inside the shop.


5. Wall Signage

Wall signage can be a simple decoration, or it can be a great excuse to show off your branding and company story. Using wall signage also helps with customising your physical location so that it feels like it’s really a part of your business, and not just a shop front that you’re renting!


6. LED Trailer Signs

Up until now we’ve been talking about signs that can be permanently installed in and around your business. But what do you do when you want to take the message to your potential customers?

LED trailer signs are a portable and eye-catching way to communicate with your audience! They can be parked almost anywhere, and our LED trailer signs can be customised with almost any type of messaging. These are a great solution if you need a bit of extra foot traffic, and they’re perfect for displaying temporary offers, navigation instructions or contact information.


7. Moveable Banners

Outdoor signage doesn’t have to be attached to your building to be effective. Moveable banners are a great way to get your branding out there, but they also offer the added flexibility of being fully portable.

Moveable banners and flags can be set up wherever you need them. These types of promotional signs are especially useful if you find that people tend to walk right past your store. Banner signs can be positioned to attract passersby who might not be able to see your other signage properly.


8. Sandwich Boards

Let’s get back to basics here. The classic A-frame sandwich board remains one of our most popular outdoor signage solutions.

Sandwich boards are highly affordable, very effective and they can display any information you want. If you want to show off your current offers, help customers find their way to your store, or if you just want to display your menu, a sandwich board is perfect!


Signs Brisbane can Bring Your Outdoor Signage Design Ideas to Life!

Signage can have a huge impact on your business. The right signs tell a story about who you are and what you do, and they play a big role in attracting customers to your store. Outdoor signage is a fantastic way to broadcast your branding to the world, and the team at Signs Brisbane can design the signs you need!

Signs Brisbane is a signage company that works with clients in Brisbane and across the country. We offer all types of indoor and outdoor signage, including window and wall decals, 3D lettering, illuminated signs, sports signage and more.

Contact us if you’re ready to design outdoor signage and take your business to the next level!s

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