The Different Types of Car Signage

Every business owner understands the importance of effective signage. After all, letting people know who you are is the first step to finding new customers! And the vehicles you drive around all day are a great way to advertise your business and spread the message beyond your physical location or online listings. Vehicle signage is a great option for all types of businesses, from tradespeople with one company car to national corporations with whole fleets of vehicles. To help you decide which type of signage is right for your business, we’re going to explore a few of the most popular types of vehicle signage.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are the best way to show off your company and its branding. With Brisbane’s motorists spending more time on the road each year, vehicle wraps let you put your signs in front of new customers every time you get behind the wheel.

There are three main types of vinyl wrap signage for cars:

  1. Whole Vehicle Wraps. Make a statement and cover your entire vehicle with your business’ branding. Full vehicle wraps are custom designed to suit your branding and the make and model of your vehicle. The process of designing a vehicle wrap is a little bit involved, but the results are well worth the effort. Whole vehicle wraps are perfect for every company, including corporates that need a fleet graphic solution.
  2. Partial Vehicle Wraps. If you don’t want to cover your whole vehicle with signage, it’s also possible to design partial vehicle wraps. These are usually designed to cover a certain portion or particular panel on a vehicle (including on the tray of your ute), and can be done on a much smaller budget than a full vehicle wrap.

Vehicle Decals. A great alternative to vehicle wraps, car signage decals are a special type of sticker that can be placed anywhere on your car. Decals offer the most bang for your buck, and can be used to show off branding and other business information easily.

Window Decals

Window graphics look fantastic and they make a real impact on the people who see them. The windows on your car are one of the most visible parts of the vehicle to other drivers, so window decals are one of the most effective types of vehicle signage. Window decals can be used to show all sorts of branding, and they can also be designed to match a full or partial vehicle wrap.

Produced using special perforated vinyls, sometimes also called one-way vinyl, window decals are safe to use and they look fantastic. While the perforations in the decal allow you to see out of the car just fine, it’s important to find a signage company that will install the graphic properly. Perforated vinyl should always be protected with a top layer of clear vinyl. This top layer protects your vehicle signage from the sun, but it also prevents dirt and grime from building up in the perforations and blocking your vision.

Magnetic Car Signs

For the ultimate flexibility and affordability, magnetic car signs are a simple solution that allows every business owner to invest in signage. Made from thin magnetic sheets, these car signs can be snapped onto your vehicle wherever you like, and they can be removed at a moment’s notice. Lots of businesses get started with Magnetic Car Signs Brisbane wide because they offer a few important benefits:

  • Easy to fit and remove as needed
  • Perfect for cars that are both personal and company vehicles
  • Affordable to design and print
  • No installation costs
  • Can be as big or small as you need
  • Secure, even at highway speeds

Illuminated Trailer Signs

Vehicle signage isn’t limited to the company car! Trailer signs are a flexible option that’s perfect for businesses that need portable signage. Simply tow the trailer to a spot where passersby will be able to see it, and then let the LED lights do the rest. Illuminated trailer signs are especially eye-catching, and the large screen size means you have room to display plenty of information about your business. LED signs can even be loaded with multiple preset graphics, so your sign can rotate through the different messages you want to display.

Thinking About Investing in Vehicle Signage? Contact Signs Brisbane Today!

Showing off your business and branding is much easier with the help of high quality vehicle signage. Whether your business has one car or a whole fleet of vehicles, the team at Signs Brisbane can design and install a range of options to suit! We offer everything from window decals and magnetic signage to whole vehicle wraps. Simply let us know what you need, and our team will sit down with you to design custom vehicle wraps and signage using your logos, branding and corporate colours. To find out more about our design process, contact us today and make an appointment with Signs Brisbane!

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