Restaurant Indoor and Outdoor Signage

When the client approached Signs Brisbane, they had a clear, uncompromising vision in mind. The vision of Aamaya Indian Restaurant was incredibly complex, and the proposed signage for the new restaurant signage pushed our team to start thinking outside the box. The first obstacle was an existing angled awning that required a drop down light box. We manufactured hinged adjustable fixings that could be adjusted on site to ensure the light box was level. The main sign was to be a back-lit sign with 3D illuminated lettering. However, the client did not want an obvious light box to hold the LED light source. Through regular consultation with the client and shop fitter, we decided that the optimal solution was to create a recess to place the lighting panel in, holding the fabricated lettering steady and having the main panel fixed flush with the external framing in one piece. The vision of Aamaya Indian Restaurant certainly didn’t end there; in fact the signage in the main dining area was to be a major focal point, and proved the greatest challenge for us. A grand image of Lord Ganesh was to be illuminated and to appear as if it was floating. Again, we created a recess for the light source with a routed sheet of painted MDF to sit flush with the wall. Individually routed pieces of Opal acrylic were layered to create a stand-off sign with a completely hidden halo-lit effect. And there you have it: with some creative thinking, and a trusting client, the project came together seamlessly. The client’s vision of a top class restaurant with sleek and innovative signage became a reality.
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