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With a range of LED signs, lightbox signage, neon signs and more, Signs Brisbane creates illuminated signage Brisbane wide that businesses need.

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Illuminated Signage in Brisbane

If your business is competing for attention in a busy area, illuminated signage in Brisbane can drive your message home with 24/7 exposure. Our team designs and fabricates the illuminated signage that businesses need. Whether you want simple lightbox signs or sophisticated LED billboards, Signs Brisbane is ready to help!

Illuminated signage is a fantastic option for all indoor and outdoor applications. The rise of LED technology means we can craft energy-efficient lightbox signage, neon signs and any other illuminated signage our clients need.  

Types of illuminated signs we offer

  • LED Signs

  • Lightboxes

  • 3D Fabricated Letters

  • LED Message Boards

  • Neon Signs

As leaders in the signage industry, our team is here to help create the ideal illuminated signage solution for your business. Based in Nundah, we provide businesses across Brisbane with illuminated signs that get you noticed.

Looking to broadcast your location to more potential customers? Do it with illuminated signs in Brisbane.

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Illuminated Signage Materials

We use a variety of illuminated signage materials to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. We ensure that each sign not only captures attention with its brightness and clarity but also aligns with specific aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

Some of the materials we use include:

illuminated acrylic sign

Acrylic Signs

Also commonly known as perspex, comes in a broad array of colours and thicknesses, including options for transparent acrylic. Its versatility allows it to be applied in multiple settings, whether indoors or outdoors.

Ideal for the faces of lightboxes (using opal acrylic), 3D signage, as well as channel and specially crafted lettering, it achieves unique light scattering effects.

Aluminium Signs

This material can undergo a powder coating process, receiving a durable, high-gloss enamel finish that exudes quality. Available in various thicknesses, it’s perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor signs of small to medium dimensions.

illuminated composite sign

Composite Panels (ACP)

A novel material in the realm of sign making, aluminium composite panels combine lightness with robustness, resisting warping, decay, and corrosion. Their distinct core is designed to neither swell nor retain water, nor deteriorate internally.

This makes them excellent for precision-cut designs, suitable for both daytime visibility and outdoor use.

Flex Face

This PVC-based banner fabric is ideal for sizable illuminated signage enclosures that demand a seamless, no-seam finish, where acrylic alternatives fall short. It stands out for its excellent resistance to wind.

The benefits of illuminated signage

Our range of illuminated signage includes LED signs, lightboxes, neon-look signs, 3D lettering and more. Whatever your business needs its illuminated signs to achieve, we will work with you to craft stunning, practical and effective signs for your business.

Whether you need simple branding or a LED signage for a billboard, our products offer several major benefits:

  • 24/7 exposure for your business
  • Durable construction and materials
  • Low ongoing maintenance needs
  • Bright, stable light for 10+ years
  • Environmentally friendly LED technology
  • Good legibility

How We Design Our Illuminated Signs

Our team draws on decades of signmaking experience when working on new projects. Along the way, we partner with you to learn more about your business, customers and how our illuminated and LED signs can make a difference.

With a simple process and in-house designers at your disposal, the Signs Brisbane team has the tools, equipment and expertise to create stunning illuminated signs for your business.

Our illuminated signage process consists of four main steps:


Book a consultation with our team to go over your design requirements and what you want to achieve. With that information we’ll be able to provide a no-obligation quote for your illuminated signage project.


Once we know what you need from your illuminated signage, we’ll get to work on designing some concepts. Our team will work with you to review and revise concepts until you’re thrilled with the result.


After you’ve approved your design we can begin fabricating your illuminated LED signs Brisbane. Our signs are designed to withstand Brisbane’s weather, so the final result will look fantastic for years to come.


The hard work is done! The Signs Brisbane installation team will be in touch to book a time, then we’ll come out and install your new illuminated signage.

LED Signage Brisbane

LED technology has revolutionised the world of illuminated signage. The energy efficiency of LEDs means they’re making illuminated signage more affordable than ever.

Signs Brisbane recommends using LED signs wherever possible. Not only are LEDs more power-efficient than incandescent lights, they’re also more cost-effective in the long run.

With lower maintenance requirements and a longer lifespan, our illuminated signs in Brisbane deliver some of the industry’s most practical illuminated signs.

To ensure your branding looks incredible for years to come, we always fabricate signage with high quality materials and LED components. This greatly extends their lifespan, and it means our signs are ready to handle Brisbane’s sun and weather. Talk to our team to find out more about the products we use and how to care for illuminated signage.

Frequently Asked Questions

High quality illuminated and LED signs can last for 10 years or more. The Signs Brisbane team designs our signage to be compatible with your specific use and environment. We select materials that will last for decades, even in Brisbane’s harsh weather.

We supply a range of single and double-sided lightbox signage to match your installation. Our options include signs for installation on walls, ceilings and horizontal surfaces.

We’re always happy to discuss your feature lighting requirements with you, so you can make the right choice. Give us a call or visit us in store for a full explanation of your options!

Not all fonts are appropriate for illuminated signage. The front needs to be large and legible enough to read from a distance, even when the sign is at full brightness. As part of our design process, we’ll consider visibility, size and legibility factors to help you pick the best front for your illuminated signage.

Illuminated signage can be used to create a wide range of effects such as a halo glow, side illumination, underglow, front illumination and more. Visit us in store to see our sample boards that demonstrate the different effects our illuminated signage can achieve

The lightbox signage supplied by Signs Brisbane is well-built and highly durable. Because lightbox signage is often made from hard plastics, it’s important to use quality materials that can withstand everyday use. Exposure to Brisbane’s sun and storms can quickly damage low quality illuminated signage, which is why we take great pride in offering durable products.

Illuminated signage does run on electricity. However, modern LED technology is extremely energy efficient and economical. This is why we encourage LED for all our illuminated signs. Although the upfront cost is slightly more, savings in power and maintenance make it worth it in the long run.

Modern LED signage is extremely energy efficient and cheap to run. Depending on the size of the sign and how you use it, the yearly running costs could range from $100 to $1000. Signs Brisbane always encourages clients to choose our LED signage options. While the upfront cost is slightly higher, the money you save on power and maintenance means LEDs are well worth your investment.

LED signs surpass neon in reliability, durability, and efficiency. They are long-lasting, fitting into small letters and large signs with precision. LED strips allow for easy message changes, keeping signage dynamic and are also cost-effective; using significantly less energy than neon or fluorescent lighting. Furthermore, they offer superior brightness for excellent visibility, even in daylight.



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