Why Signage is Important to a Business

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If you have a business, the odds are you also have a marketing strategy. Great! Now, have you considered what part signage plays in it? You might think the only purpose of your signage is to let people know that your business exists. We’re here to tell you, well-designed and eye-catching signage can do so much more than that! Here are a few key reasons why signage is important to a business.

1. Attract foot traffic

Signage can play a critical part in getting more people to open the door and walk into your business. If your signage is old and worn out, it can work against you by deterring people from walking in. Besides, walking past your signage day to day keeps your business top of mind for people in your local community!

2. Build your brand

The power of branding is that colours and patterns are more recognisable to people than words alone. Impressive signage is a great way to build a brand in your local area, as it offers constant exposure. Consistent branding, both online and offline, creates a trustworthy and high-quality image.

3. 24/7 marketing for your business

Signage works for your business around the clock, even outside your business hours, putting it on people’s radar. After the initial cost of getting your signage designed and installed, signage works for your business for free 24/7. That makes it one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies out there!

4. Make a great first impression

Never underestimate the importance of first impressions! For your business, the first thing a potential customer sees is the signage outside. You can use signage strategically to communicate various qualities about your business. Its personality, values, quality and trustworthiness… the list goes on! Not only does it help you get more customers, but the right kind of customers for you too!

5. Stand out from the competition

If you’re in business, the chances are you have competitors. Attractive signage can help your business stand out from the competition. Quality signage communicates the uniqueness of your brand, so the more distinctive and on-brand it is, the better.

To sum it up, signage is a crucial tool in building your brand and local presence. Investing in some quality signage pays off by giving your business 24/7 visibility and keeping it top of mind for potential customers in your area.

At Signs Brisbane, we know why signage is important to a business. We specialise in helping your business stand out with effective signage that stands out and creates a great first impression. Our process covers everything from design to manufacturing and installation. Come to us with your requirements so we can craft a solution that you’ll love!

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