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Illuminated Signage Design Ideas

There are lots of ways to incorporate signage into your business. When it’s done right, signs are the best way to communicate important information to your customers at a glance.

Business owners are now spoiled for choice. There are dozens of signage options available, and each type of sign can be an effective addition to your marketing campaign.

But there’s one type of signage that stands out above the rest: illuminated signage.

When you want signs that are vibrant, impactful and visually appealing, illuminated signage is the answer. There’s no real limit to how illuminated signage can be used, but in this article we’re going to provide some of our favourite design ideas!

What is Illuminated Signage?

Illuminated signage is any type of sign that features lighting. Modern illuminated signage commonly uses LEDs, but it can also include fluorescent and neon lighting.

The lighting elements in illuminated signage can be incorporated in a number of ways. This includes backlighting, edge lighting, halo lighting or directional illumination.

Some of the most common type of illuminated signage include:

  • LED light boxes
  • 3D lettering and logos
  • Neon signs
  • LED message boards
  • Edge lit signs
  • Digital screens

Each of these combines a few simple elements to create signs that stand out. This provides almost unlimited flexibility in the information your signage can display!

We often design signs that feature business names, logos and contact details. But they can also include more complex details like menu items, lists of services and more.

Illuminated signage works best for your high-impact branding, like the business name and logo. Backlighting can also make small and/or intricate fonts difficult to read. This means illuminated signage isn’t always the best choice for displaying complex information.

The Benefits of Illuminated Signs

Business signage is one of the most important aspects of your advertising and marketing strategy. The right signage can capture the attention of customers and differentiate your business from competitors.

Illuminated signage can be incorporated into your business in a variety of ways, and it provides a few major benefits:

  • Better visibility – The major upside of illuminated signage is that it’s highly visible. That means your signs will stand out (even at night!), providing cost-effective 24/7 advertising.
  • Versatile – There are dozens of types of illuminated signage, so it’s possible to create any design you have in mind. This can include lettering, logos, pictures and complex designs involving digital screens.
  • Energy-efficient LEDs – Most types of illuminated signage now use energy-efficient LED lighting. If you want a sign that you can run 24 hours a day, LEDs will make your business stand out without sending your power bill through the roof.
  • Professional aesthetic – Illuminated signage always looks professional. If you want to elevate your branding and take the next step as a business, light up signs are a great option.

Illuminated Signage Design Ideas

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate lighting into your business signage. When you work with our team, we offer a design service that can turn your branding into high-impact signage. We’ve got lots of ideas, but some of our most popular designs for illuminated signage include:

1. Backlit 3D Lettering

This is one of the most popular options on the market. It’s simple, effective and suitable for most fonts. You can even include your logo in the design!

2. Lightbox 3D Lettering

If backlighting isn’t flashy enough, we can also turn 3D lettering into slim lightboxes for an even more eye-catching look.

3. Illuminated Logos

A logo is your most important branding element. Illuminated logo signage makes it easy for customers to identify your business at a glance.

4. Illuminated Shop Signs

Shops signs are a staple in the signage industry. They’re affordable, stylish and easy to illuminate, offering great flexibility for all types of businesses.

5. LED Neon Lettering

Neon signage has stood the test of time as one of the most eye-catching types of illumination. These days, it’s more common to use LEDs that mimic the look of genuine neon. LEDs are a durable, affordable and flexible alternative to neon signs, so they’re a great choice.

6. Lightboxes

Ordinary lightboxes are one of the most versatile options. They are versatile enough to display any type of information, and they can be backlit, side-lit or double-sided.

Make Your Business Stand Out with Illuminated Signage from Signs Brisbane!

Adding lighting to your business signage is a great way to catch the attention of your customers. When you want to design illuminated signs that are impactful and effective, it’s hard to go past illuminated signage.

Signs Brisbane is a Brisbane signage company that works with clients across Australia. We offer a huge range of illuminated signage options, including lightboxes, 3D lettering, neon signs, message boards and much more.

When you work with us, we provide a full design service that can make the most of your branded assets. That means we take care of all the hard work, and you end up with signage that stands out!

You can find out more about our illuminated signage online, or contact us if you’d like to design new promotional signs for your business.

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