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Van Signage Ideas to Help Promote Your Business

Advertising is one of the big challenges as a business owner. Spreading the word can be tough. While there are lots of options available, using your company cars as moving signage is one of the most effective!

Car and van signage allows you to turn your vehicles into 24/7 advertising. Whether they’re parked on the street or cruising down the highway, vehicle signage means pedestrians and motorists are introduced to your business.

Cars, trucks, 4WDs and vans are a blank canvas with lots of surface area. If you use that area smartly, you can convey your branding, share contact information, and stand out from the crowd.

In this article we’ll share some of our favourite van signage ideas and tips, so you can turn your work vans into moving billboards!

Our Favourite Van Signage Ideas

1. Keeping it Simple

Vans are one of the most versatile vehicles when it comes to vehicle signage. The large, boxy shape means you have plenty of space to add branding, contact information, logos, photos and more.

But that can also be a trap. Remember that customers will usually view your van while you’re driving, so you don’t want to overload them with information.

For most brands, we recommend keeping it simple. Use your brand colours in large blocks. Strategically place your logo on flat surfaces like the sides, back or bonnet. And then choose one or two contact methods (probably your phone number, website address or email) to add between the other details.

2. Make Your Branding Do the Hard Work

Did we mention that your vehicle signage will get thousands of views a day?

Imagine you’re driving in traffic and you see a plumber’s van. You remember that you’ve been battling some leaky taps lately, but haven’t booked repairs yet. Unless you can dial the number or look up the website immediately, you will need to remember the business name.

We ensure this happens by using strong branding so customers will remember your business name, logos and brand colours.

You can use these branding details to make a real impression. Strong use of colours, obvious placement of logos and a clear use of your business name will all help customers recall your brand at a later date.

full van wrap

3. Big Fonts are Better

When you’re moving at 80km/h, reading the fineprint is next to impossible.

Your signage will be much more effective if you use large fonts for the important information. When we say large, we mean 20-30cm high, especially for information such as your company name and phone number.

Using large fonts to convey details is also a good opportunity for creating a design that stands out. Big text is visually striking and looks great when paired with bold, on-brand colours.

4. Use the Entire Vehicle

Vans offer a lot of surface area to work with. Make sure your design takes advantage of the available space.

That doesn’t mean you need to cram every panel full of phone numbers and lists of your services. Rather, it’s an opportunity to use colour and shape to direct customers’ eyes to the important information.

Don’t forget to leave a little bit of negative space! You don’t need to cover every centimetre of the van with details. Negative space allows your brand colours to stand out, and it ensures onlookers are focusing on the right bits of information.

5. Consider Your Vehicle Signage Options

Full vehicle wraps are a fantastic way to make an impression on your customers. But a full vehicle wrap is a big commitment, and there are other options worth exploring.

Instead of wrapping your entire van, you could:

  1. Invest in a partial vehicle wrap
  2. Wrap individual panels (such as the bonnet or sliding doors)
  3. Opt for removable magnetic signage
  4. Use decals to add information like logos and phone numbers to the vehicle
  5. Install see-through window stickers
  6. Combine window stickers with partial or full vehicle wraps to create a uniform effect
van wrapped with signage
Design Vehicle Signage that Stands Out with Signs Brisbane!

The versatility of vehicle signage is one of its biggest selling points. But that’s also the challenge – when you have a large, blank canvas, how do you fill it? If you’re struggling with van signage or car window advertising ideas then the Signs Brisbane team can help!

Signs Brisbane is a signwriter who works with clients across Brisbane. We have a huge range of vehicle signage options. From magnetic signs to decals, car window stickers and partial or full vehicle wraps, we can design signage that has a real impact on your business. We’ll handle all the hard work of designing signs that look fantastic, all you need to do is supply your branding items!

Contact us today if you’re ready to take your business to the next level with car, van and vehicle signage from Signs Brisbane.

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