How to Design Car Signage to Get My Customers Attention

Car signage which includes car window advertising is one of the most effective ways to get your business out there! With options ranging from simple magnets to full vehicle graphics, there’s a car sign for every vehicle, budget and brand.

Just like other signage though, car signs are competing for customers’ attention, so it’s important to create a design that stand out. It’s not always simple, but we have 4 tips on how to design car signage to get your customers’ attention!

1. Keep the Design Simple

The most effective car signage is always kept simple. There are thousands of options available when it comes to vehicle signs. From magnets, car window stickers and decals to partial wraps and full vehicle wraps, your imagination is the only limit. But, that also creates a bit of a dilemma in the design phase.

When we say “keep it simple,” we mean it’s best to focus on achieving a specific advertising goal. Do you want to increase brand awareness in the local community? Drive customers to your website? Advertise your main service? The objective of your advertising is up to you, but sticking to one or two goals is best.

For example, covering the side of your van in a long list of services is probably going to confuse customers and make your messaging unclear. Instead, you could wrap the vehicle in your brand’s colours, and then use window decals to focus on a single, big-ticket service.

car vehicle wrap for Wilson Security

2. Choose Eye-Catching Colours

This goes without saying, but all business signage needs to be eye-catching! For car signs, you should choose colours that make your vehicle stand out at a glance. Think about the paint colours you see on most cars – whites, greys, silvers – and then try to steer away from those.

Most of the time we design signs that use your existing brand colours and logos. If your brand colours happen to include tones that will struggle to stand out in traffic, it’s possible to add a base colour to make your signage pop. Brand recognition works best when a customer can instantly identify your business. Whether you’re a local tradie or a national business with a corporate fleet, eye-catching colours will go a long way to building brand recognition.

3. Make Sure the Text Is Easily Legible

Magnetic signs usually don’t damage car paint on their own. Dirt, sunlight and application errors can causes paint scratches, but there are a few easy ways to protect your car paint from magnet signs:

  • Size of the text. The person in the next car might seem close, but they’re 2 or 3 metres away. The text on your signs needs to be large enough to be read from that distance.

  • Font selection. All fonts should be strong, clear and simple. Avoid anything that’s thin or styled to be messy.

  • Amount of text. Keep it simple here. Less text is easier to read at a glance. Avoid overcrowding your signs by focusing on sending a single message, like your phone number, website or main service.



4. Match the Design to Your Target Market

Finally, it’s important to match the design of your car signage to your target audience. Remember that your signs are the first impression someone may have of your business. You want them to see your signs and give you a call, so you need to give them a reason to connect with your business.

Consider who you are as a company, which customers you want to attract and what message you’re sending. Once you know that, you can design car signs that resonate with your customers. Are your customers young and fun? Older professionals? Homeowners looking for no-nonsense services? Decide who you’re targeting and then create signage using colours, designs, messaging and logos that will appeal to your main customers!

Design Eye-Catching Car Signage with the Team From Signs Brisbane!

Designing car signage that gets your customers’ attention can be hard. There are lots of things that go into a standout design, and getting the details right requires careful work.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a design genius to create perfect car signs, because Signs Brisbane is here to help! Our design team has decades of experience in creating vehicle signage that makes an impression.

When you work with us on window signs, partial, full vehicle wraps and magnetic car signs Brisbane wide, we take care of all the hard design bits. Simply sit down with our team and share a bit about your business and customers, and we’ll put together a few concepts that help you achieve your advertising goals.

You can contact us online if you have any questions or if you’d like a quote on your car signage project!

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