How Do You Protect Car Paint from Magnet Signs

Magnetic car signs are some of the simplest and most affordable car signage options available. If you want an easy way to stick your branding on your car, a magnetic sign is a great way to let people know who you are!

Not only are magnetic car signs simple, but they’re non-destructive, so they can be removed when you’re off the clock or ready to sell the vehicle.

The only wrinkle is that you have to make sure you’re looking after your car’s paint along the way. In this article, we’ll answer the question “How do you protect car paint from magnet signs?” and provide some tips on caring for your car and signage.

What Are Magnetic Car Signs?

Magnetic car signs are large magnets with your business’ branding printed on one side. They’re a simple, budget-friendly way to attach signage to your work vehicle! Magnetic car signs are especially useful if you’d like the option to remove and apply your signage whenever you choose. So, if you use your car for work and personal reasons, or if you want to sell the vehicle, you can simply peel the magnet off at any time.

Do Car Magnets Damage Paint?

People often ask us “Do car magnets damage paint?” The simple answer is no – a high quality car magnet won’t damage your car’s paint when installed properly.

In some cases though, dirt and dust get trapped under the magnet, and that can potentially scratch the paint. We always recommend removing the magnet for cleaning once per week. Wash down your car and both sides of the magnet with soap and clean water before each use.

It’s also a good idea to avoid putting the magnet on the ground where it might pick up dirt and grit.

Common Issues with Magnetic Car Signs

It’s unlikely that you’ll have any problems with a high quality magnetic car sign. As long as you look after your signs and protect them from unnecessary damage, you can expect to get years of use from them. When you invest in magnetic car signage, make sure to follow the application instructions carefully to avoid problems like:

  1. Scratched or damaged paint. Dirt that gets trapped between the magnet and the car can slowly scratch your paint. Regular cleaning is the best way to avoid this. If you want to go the extra mile, clean the car and the magnet, and then wipe down both surfaces with a gentle alcohol-based cleaner.

  2. Magnets falling off while driving. Quality car magnets won’t fall off while driving. If a magnet falls off, it’s usually because the edges are damaged, or because of air and moisture trapped underneath. Consider asking for a design with rounded corners – these are harder to damage and they adhere better to your car.

  3. Magnets getting stuck to the car. Car magnets use an adhesive that can be damaged by extreme heat, and this may cause the magnet to stick to the paint. Make sure you’re removing the magnet once every week or two for cleaning and you shouldn’t have a problem with it getting stuck to the car.

  4. Creased or wrinkled magnets. Being able to remove car magnets is great, but it also means they’re prone to creasing, wrinkling or curling. These issues all prevent the magnet from adhering properly. When storing your signs, make sure they’re kept on a flat surface, and avoid stacking anything on top of them.


How Do You Protect Car Paint from Magnet Signs?

Magnetic signs usually don’t damage car paint on their own. Dirt, sunlight and application errors can cause paint scratches, but there are a few easy ways to protect your car paint from magnet signs:

  • Clean the car and magnet thoroughly. Car magnets don’t scratch paint – it’s the dirt and dust that does the damage. Before applying a car magnet, make sure the car and the magnet are thoroughly cleaned and free from any grit, moisture or grease. 

  • Never drag the magnet. The dirt under your magnetic car sign is more likely to scratch the paint if you drag the magnet around. If you want to reposition the magnet, peel it all the way off and start the application process again.

  • Apply the magnet to a flat surface. Car magnets are incredibly strong and shouldn’t fall off your car while you’re driving. To make sure it’s on there securely, stick it to a flat surface like the bonnet or the side of a door. That way, the sign will never come off while you’re driving, and it won’t damage your paint by sliding around.

  • Protect your car magnet from the sun. Brisbane’s harsh sun is one of the biggest challenges for vehicle signage. High quality car magnets won’t have a problem with the sunlight, but it’s a good idea to remove the sign in extreme heat.

  • Keep the magnet flat. If you take the magnet off the car, make sure it’s stored flat to avoid creases or wrinkles. You can stick it to your fridge to protect it while it’s not in use.


Interested in Magnetic Car Signs? Contact Signs Brisbane Today!

Magnetic car signage is simple and affordable, and they’re a great way to tell customers more about your brand! While you’re unlikely to have any issues with magnetic signs, a little bit of regular cleaning goes a long way to protecting your paint.

If you’re considering magnetic signage or other forms of brand promotion with car window advertising or car window stickers, talk to Signs Brisbane!

Signs Brisbane are expert sign makers in Brisbane. We’ve been at it for decades, so our team can design magnetic car signs that make your branding stand out. Our process is simple – tell us a bit about your business and branding, and our designers will do the rest! Contact us today for a quote or to find out more about our vehicle signage options.

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