How to Stick Magnetic Signs to Aluminium Cars

Magnetic car signs are one of the most affordable and versatile advertising options available. With the freedom to remove and apply magnetic signs whenever you want, you can use your vehicles for work and then remove the signage when you’re off the clock.

The only challenge is that magnetic signs are designed to stick to cars that are made of steel. That’s usually not a problem, but manufacturers like BMW, Audi and Tesla now use aluminium to create body panels that won’t support magnetic signs. In this article, we’ll go over how to stick magnetic signs to aluminium cars and the best alternatives for your business.

How to Stick Magnetic Signs to Aluminium Cars

There’s no simple way to stick magnetic signs to aluminium cars and ute trays. Aluminium and plastic body panels are becoming increasingly common on cars.

These panels aren’t magnetic, so they can’t support magnetic car signage. If your car has aluminium or plastic panelling, we’d recommend investing in adhesive vinyl signs instead. These can be applied to any clean, flat surface, and they’ll adhere well to every vehicle. You’ll also be able to rest easy knowing your signs won’t fall off while you’re driving!

If you already have magnetic car signs you’re determined to reuse, it’s also possible to find third-party products that allow you to stick magnets to aluminium cars. These products use static electricity to allow magnets to be installed and removed whenever you need them.

Note that these products may not offer the same high-speed adhesion and UV-resistance that proper vinyl signs do, so they won’t be suitable for every vehicle.


How to Stick Magnetic Signs to Steel Cars

One of the biggest benefits of magnetic car signs is how simple they are to apply. There are only three steps to applying magnetic car signs:

  1. Clean the surface. Use warm water and a mild soap to thoroughly clean your vehicle and the back of your magnetic sign. Any dirt that gets trapped between the magnet and the car will scratch your paint and may prevent the sign from adhering properly. Let the surface dry fully before applying the sign.

  2. Apply the sign. Line up your sign and lay it against the car gently. Magnetic car signs work best when they’re applied to flat or gently curved surfaces. Avoid sliding the sign around if it’s crooked or needs to be moved. Remove the sign fully before repositioning it.

  3. Regularly clean the sign. You should remove and clean your magnetic signs once every week or two. This protects your car’s paint from any dirt that becomes trapped underneath.

Magnetic car signs should always be stored on a flat surface (like a shelf or the side of your fridge) when they’re not on your car. Bends or creases in the sign will prevent it from sticking securely to your vehicle, and it may fall off while you’re driving.

What Kind of Sign Should I Get for an Aluminium Car?

Vinyl car stickers are the best type of sign to use on aluminium or plastic car panels. This type of sign can be printed or cut out of adhesive and vinyl wrap that will stick to any clean surface.

Although they can’t be reapplied after removal, vinyl car stickers are a tried and true technology, so you can be sure that your signs won’t fly off at highway speeds.

The best part is that vinyl car stickers are a much more versatile format than magnetic signs! Adhesive vinyl stickers can be printed in any shape, colour or size you want, so you can really make your branding stand out.

Talk to Our Team for Help with Magnetic Car Signs Brisbane Wide!

It’s hard to go past magnetic car signs when you’re looking for a simple way to advertise your business. They’re affordable, versatile and compatible with almost every car, truck or van.

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