What Are the Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping My Car?

Vinyl wraps have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. Affordable, versatile and long-lasting, a quality vinyl wrap can transform the look and feel of your vehicle. Better still, they’re an excellent opportunity to add signage to company cars without the need for expensive paint work! There are lots of reasons to consider wrapping your vehicles, and we’re going to cover the major benefits below.


  1. Protection for the Paint

Among the biggest benefits of vinyl wrapping is the protection it provides to your car’s paint. Vinyl wrap is a thin outer layer that’s applied over top of the car. That means it’s there to protect your paint from things like scratches, stone chips and UV radiation. While these things all damage vinyl wrap over time, the wrap should last for 5 years or more, and your paint will still look like new when it’s finally removed.

In fact, vinyl wraps are so good at protecting paint that you can get clear vinyls designed to do just that. Without needing to change the colour of your car, protective vinyl wraps add a clear layer that protects the paint against wear and tear.


  1. Easily Removable

Vinyl wraps provide lots of flexibility when it comes to changing the colour of your car. There’s no need to pick a design and stick with it for decades – vinyl wraps can be removed whenever you’re ready. 

This is a major bonus if you’re using vinyl wraps to apply signage to company vehicles. As long as the vehicles are in use they can display your signage proudly. Then, when you’re ready to upgrade, you can simply remove the signage. The paint underneath will still be in perfect condition and you won’t have to worry about selling a car with your company’s branding on it!


  1. Cost-Effective Solution

Repainting a car is an involved process. It costs thousands of dollars just to change the colour of a car – and that price only increases if you want signage or other complex designs.

Car vinyl wraps are a cost-effective alternative! For less than the cost of painting, vinyl wraps can be used to transform the look of your car. Whether you want to change the colour or add branding to your corporate fleet, vinyl wrapping can save you thousands. Plus, if you’re investing in signage for multiple vehicles, you can save money by designing a single wrap that can be used on all your cars!


  1. Rapid Installation Time

A fresh coat of paint can take days to apply, even for a team of expert painters. The process has dozens of steps and you can expect the paint shop to hold onto your car for a week or more while they complete their work. If that’s a problem for your business, vinyl wraps can be completed in much less time. Depending on the size of the vehicle and the complexity of the wrap, an experienced team could complete their work in just a day or two.


  1. Perfect for Graphics and Signage

The real benefit of vinyl wrapping is its versatility. While vinyl is a great way to change the colour of a car, it really shines when it’s used for vehicle signage. With a few specialist tools, your signmaker can design and print fully custom vehicle wraps. Whether you want to wrap one panel or the entire vehicle, custom vehicle signage is an excellent advertising tool, and vinyl wrapping makes the process simple.


Thinking About Investing in Vehicle Signage? Contact Signs Brisbane Today!

Vinyl wraps are the perfect way to change the colour of your car or introduce signage into your vehicle fleet. Whether you’re wrapping one car or dozens, Signs Brisbane is ready to help! Our experienced team has designed vinyl wraps and signage for individuals and businesses across Brisbane. That means we have the skills and equipment we need to produce everything from vinyl decals to full vehicle wraps. Our process is simple, and we’re happy to take care of designing and printing custom graphics for your car. Contact us today to make an appointment and find out how our vehicle signage process works!

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