The Benefits of a Signage “Facelift”

Brand recognition is very important. You’ve worked hard over the years to build up your client base and to be recognised as the trusted name in your field. Ensuring your brand is recognisable and unique is half the battle when it comes to enticing customers and you don’t want to risk all your hard work on a complete redesign of your logo. It’s understandable and enviable, but where a complete rebranding is not necessary, a facelift will keep your brand relevant and fresh. Even the most recognised global brands will go through a facelift every so often. Upgrading tired and dated signage to more visually eye-popping graphics will help you to stand out and bring your brand recognition to market-leading levels.

Starting to Look Dated?

Brand styling moves with the times and even the most well recognised and classic brands go through a refresh every now and then. Fonts change, graphics can become outdated and the physical appearance of your signage may have become weathered and faded.

Graphic designers can create a uniform approach to your brand that stretches across all types of physical advertising and signage. From printed window films to give your office that extra striking feature that draws attention from the street, to portable promotional signage to carry around where it’s needed most, new signage will help you stand out. 

Where Have you Got Signage?

Speaking to a signage expert can help you utilise the surface area for signage that you may not have previously considered. There may have been some developments in printing since you started your business or had your last branding refresh. Or, perhaps your budget has changed. Now you may like to consider light-box signage or printed window or wall graphics to really stand out from the street.

The other option is to add branding to your company vehicle, either with a simple logo on the door or with a printed full vehicle wrap (or anything in between). As your vehicle is out on the streets being seen in traffic it is the ultimate rolling billboard for your business. From a scooter to a road train, vehicle signage can reach people where your other signage or advertising may not. Eye-catching full vehicle graphics are within everyone’s reach these days as the design and printing of them has become straightforward and affordable.

Maintain Your Brand and Relevance

Perhaps as your company has evolved to meet the market you may find that your branding needs to be more in line with your products or services, or perhaps better match your target market. If you’re operating out of older premises, new signage with a refreshed branding facelift can breathe new life into your facilities and keep your company relevant. Perhaps combine it with a fresh coat of paint and you’ll be amazed at the reach of your small investment. From impressing customers to improving morale amongst your employees to reinvigorating your motivation in your business, a facelift could be the perfect way to refresh your company.

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Signs Brisbane has everything you need for a full do-over of your signage, whether it’s a facelift or a complete rebranding. From starting out as a small operation in 2003 we have grown to become Brisbane’s most innovative signage company while maintaining our original high level of customer service. With a team of in-house graphic designers and printing experts, we can help you rediscover your brand and get your name out there.  Call us on 07 3635 8500 or fill in our contact form and we’ll reach out to you.

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