The Benefits of Reception Signage

For many businesses, the reception area is the first thing clients and visitors see, and it’s an excellent opportunity to put your best foot forward. Decorating your reception space and filling it with the right signage will help you make a strong, lasting impression on anyone who walks in the door. 

But signs do more than just look professional, so we’re going to talk about a few of the ways quality reception signage can improve your business.

First Impressions Matter

It’s something we hear all our lives, and it’s equally true for businesses as it is for people. Custom reception signage not only looks fantastic, it helps project the confidence you hold in your brand and in the quality of your products and services. Sharing that confidence is also a great way of captivating customers and signalling to them that you are a professional, trustworthy business they can rely on.

Showcase Your Branding

More than ever before, businesses are using branding to create identities and form valuable relationships with customers. Reception signage is a major opportunity to make those connections and help cement your brand in the minds of anyone who sees it.

Reception areas often make for a fantastic canvas where you have room to let your creativity flow. Including not just your business name, but logos, colours, tag lines and even details like the company history are all great ways of telling customers about who you are and what you do.

Complete Your Building Décor

Commercial spaces have come a long way from dim lighting and dusty cubicles, and there are entire industries dedicated to designing business spaces that improve staff and customer experiences. The right choice of reception signage is a great moment to add detail to your décor and make it stand out from surrounding competitors and businesses.

Provide Helpful Information to Visitors

In most cases, your reception staff can guide visitors and help them find what they’re looking for. But if you have a large space or your reception staff are unavailable, effective signage can make it easy to point customers and visitors in the right direction.

Reception signage can also be used to provide other helpful information such as directing people to waiting areas, advising visitors of sign-in procedures or even providing social distancing reminders and markers where needed.

Update Your Reception Signage with Signs Brisbane

The team at Signs Brisbane have seen firsthand the difference reception signage can make to the look and feel of a business. We offer a range of services that help businesses stand out and create stellar first impressions when customers come through the door. We handle the entire process, from design and manufacturing through to final installation, and we can design signage that makes your branding shine.

Contact the team at Signs Brisbane today to find out more about our reception signage services.

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