The Importance of Window Signage

Have you got a shop front window that is currently bare and begging for some visual appeal? Or perhaps you’re looking for advertising space on a budget? Window signage is a powerful communication tool that can be utilised for a number of purposes. Whether it is for advertising purposes or permanent branding the benefits are numerous, read on as we discuss a few of these benefits below.

Brand Awareness

Humans have developed from thousands of years of evolution to become excellent at pattern recognition. We attach meaning and find comfort in that which is familiar. This means that the more a person recognises your branding, the more likely they are to seek out your services. It’s easier than you think to bring your company to the forefront of people’s minds, it’s a cumulative effect that can bring numerous benefits. 

Having a display that can be seen from the street for people who are walking or driving past will develop a familiarity that will develop brand awareness and pique interest over time. Adding window signage to your street display will benefit any type of business or organisation. Brand awareness is universal and works across industries and various types of organisations. Taking advantage of the extra sign real estate your windows provides with eye-catching graphics or other visual information.

Draw Attention to Sales and Promotions

As well as acting as a permanent fixture, partial or full window signage can be utilised as a flexible option to advertise transient products, promotions and seasonal sales. Complementing your permanent signage with topical window signage can allow you to create a fresh look to your shop front which will further promote brand awareness. By combining graphics, text, logos as well as social media elements such as hashtags and handles you can create a powerful yet flexible advertising tool.

Create Privacy

There is a range of window signage materials that can provide you with either a one way view or an obscured view while letting in plenty of natural light from outside. Offering privacy to the inside of your workplace can benefit employees and customers alike. People enjoying the view from your window may appreciate the opportunity to not be seen by people outside, allowing them to feel comfortable and protected. There is also the benefit of dampening direct sunlight and reducing heat. 

Signs Brisbane Has The Window Signage For You

Signs Brisbane offers a broad range of window coverings that include Stickers, Lettering & Decals, Wallpapers & Murals, Hoardings & Large Format Printing, Window Frosting, and One-Way Vision Windows. No matter your window size or advertising requirements we have a solution for you. With years of experience and the best materials on the market, we are your window signage experts in Brisbane. Contact us for more information or to request a quote.

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